The mission of the community is to provide a welcoming environment of well-maintained homes. Striving for an aesthetically appealing environment, the community is working toward the following goals:

  • Keeping lawns below six inches at all times
  • Pulling weeds when they are small, with a “not to exceed” goal of less than 8 inches
  • Trimming street tree trunks to a height of 7 feet (depending on height of tree)
  • Maintaining yards in a tidy way to keep a neat appearance
  • Maintain building trim, windows, fascia boards, siding, and general overall appearance

NOTE: The Board of Directors reminds owners that additions or changes to your lot may require prior written approval. Some examples of changes needing written approval would include the addition of a playset, adding or redoing a deck or patio, planting trees or new shrubs. Please feel free to contact Helene Haratsaris, Community Association Manager 734-459-5440/email hharatsaris@herriman.net with questions or concerns.

Condominium Documents

Master Deed and Bylaws
1st Amendment to the Master Deed
Articles of Incorporation
Master Share Agreement
2018 River’s Edge Master – Reserve Study V1

Policies Forms
Master Association Representative Modification Form
Rules & Regulations (July 2020) ACH (authorization for automatic direct assessment payments