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Payment of Assessments


Payments under $350


Payments $351-$600


For payments over $600, please contact our office at 734-459-5440 and request to speak with accounting.


Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Debit Card payments are accepted. Herriman & Associates, Inc. offers several payment options for assessments:


ACH Debit (Automatic Payment)
Regular monthly assessment payments can be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. You may download and print a copy of the Automatic Payment authorization form here


Payment by Check
A payment coupon should accompany all checks. The check and payment coupon should be mailed to:

(The name of your Association)
c/o Herriman & Associates, inc.
P.O. Box 6409
Plymouth, MI 48170

This post office box is maintained by the Association’s financial institution. Payments are not processed by the management company. All checks are processed electronically and may appear as an ACH item, direct debit or automated check on your bank statement.


Online Banking Payment
Use your financial institution’s online banking service. The Association’s name and your individual, 7-digit account number MUST be included in the ‘pay to’ information. Your 7-digit account number is located in the center at the bottom of your payment coupon.


If you are making a payment on multiple accounts, you must make a separate transaction per account number/unit. ***If your account is in collection with an attorney, or you have received a payoff balance from an attorney regarding your association account, you are not eligible to make your payment online. Please contact the attorney directly to make payment.***