Administrative Services

Board Meetings

  • Prepare and distribute meeting notices to directors
  • Prepare board meeting agenda
  • Attend board meetings

Annual Meetings

  • Secure meeting place if needed
  • Prepare notices of meeting and requests for nominations of directors
  • Registration of designated voters
  • Conduct election of directors
  • Balloting and ballot tabulation, announce results
  • Distribute annual meeting minutes
  • Prepare presentations of reports and other information

Prepare and disseminate directory of members (optional)

Provide new owners with welcome letter, copy of operating budget, assessment payment coupons, pet registration form (if required) and maintenance procedures

Maintain insurance portfolio

  • Notify board sixty days in advance of expiration date
  • Process all insurance claims
  • Maintain proof of contractor’s insurance prior to any payments to contractors (for workers compensation and general liability insurance)
  • Obtain insurance bids bi-annually (see Contract Management)

Coordinate annual CPA financial audit/review

  • Obtain bids for audit or review
  • Accommodate all requests of CPA for documents and information

Administer violation notices, for compliance with bylaws, at direction of Board