Mr Herriman: Let me share what a joy it’s been to be a Director the past two years with Helene’s presence to guide all of us. I particularly appreciated her help getting the duties of the Secretary clarified. Helene’s patience and perseverance when Directors repeatedly verify information, pose questions, or have difficulty with decision-making have been admirable! Her professionalism at all times as well as her expertise are a huge asset to our Association. I have benefitted by her knowledge and now understand far better the workings of our Association.

In addition, with her help, we are functioning in accord with our condo documents and have benefitted in myriad ways. We are clear on what our co-owner responsibility is, which is fundamental to “condo life”. It is a blessing to have a true manager working for our Association, which has resulted in the Directors’ jobs becoming far easier and less time-consuming.

My feeling is that hiring your firm was the best decision we’ve ever made. Thank you for providing excellent service to us!

M.H., Secretary, Canton, MI

Hi Dan: I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that I did hear back from Barb, and she was extremely favorable with her feedback as it relates to the information that I provided.

I certainly wanted you to be aware of the positive news. And it is certainly very well deserved. You have served us very well in the past several years, and have positioned us very strongly. It took a great deal of effort to right the ship, that had been neglected for many years, and I certainly appreciate all of your firms tremendous effort.

Please let me know if there is anything further that I might be able to assist with.

Monique – President, Northville, MI

Hi Doug: I wanted to let you know how pleased the board was with what was our really first official meeting. Bill (VP), Marybeth (treasurer) and myself, feel we have made a wise choice in hiring Herriman Associates. Darrell ran an excellent meeting supported by David’s input and Kari’s fine recording.

I expected no less but was gratified when both members Bill and Marybeth called today and spoke highly of how professional and well run the meeting was handled. Please inform Dan as I did not have his email add when composing this email.

Bill also commented to me that he had a service man visit about a roof leak and was impressed with every aspect of the visit. BTW he was comparing it to a same visit from the previous management company’s service call.

I look too much of the same as we go forward.

Jim W. – President, Livonia, MI

Sandy & David: When you talk- people listen. My address numbers were re-installed some time yesterday. Thank you - now the UPS person will deliver my packages!

More than that, I greatly appreciate your excellent customer service. No excuses- no debate- simply ask and you shall receive. No more "no response" or rude, ignorant replies...3 cheers for Herriman!

I am simply elated. Once again, condo living is a pleasant experience. Keep up the great work!

Many thanks for your prompt reply. I am the original owner- I can tell you the community does NOT run well without Herriman.

So very happy you took us back!!! Thank you!!!!!!!

Pam - Director, Plymouth, MI

I’m really pleased at the efficient and professional way Herriman & Associates, Inc. has responded to our many email questions and requests. What a refreshing change! It’s going to be a GREAT new year!

Marnie - Secretary, Canton, MI.

Mr Herriman: I would like to take a moment to commend your CAM and CAM Assistant who represent and support our community. Since you have taken over the affairs of our community, it has been much easier to handle all of the maintenance issues that come before the BOD’s. Your Cam is completely non- biased in her dealings with the board and always has the information we need at her fingertips. Her assistant always uses the right tone with our Co-owners.

We walk the entire complex and she notes all the work which needs to be done as well as double checking MR’s that have come in. When we first began doing this, the list was enormous and rather extensive. However, this year, after our extreme weather, the list was noticeably shorter. We have turned the corner and our complex is in much better shape in spite of its advanced age.

Thank you for providing us with such good managers. Have a good spring and keep up the great work!

Grace, Secretary, Livonia, MI

Dear Dan: I want to thank you for the quality service that Herriman & Associates, Inc. has provided to our community association. It seems such a long time ago that I was such a novice at condo associations and management. Your firm has helped our Association Board learn and grow from a very young community at builder turnover to a maturing, well run complex.

I particularly appreciate your maintenance crew. They’ve helped through some very involved issues. Also, very much appreciated are the constant background work and support that goes on at Herriman, by our Community Manager and your entire staff, which helps our Board positively maintain our community.

I would recommend your firm to any condo community seeking a reliable, flexible, knowledgeable, and professional management firm.

JoAnne, President, Northville, MI.


Co-Owners / Homeowners

Darrell and Pat: We hope all is well with you both. First of all, we wish to thank you for your promptness in addressing our water valve issue (ref Maintenance Request # 1302302741). The maintenance worker was prompt, courteous and very professional. After seeing the problem he knew exactly the issues I was having with the valve. He fixed it and made sure everything was operational before leaving. He did a very good job. Please pass on to him my compliments. Again thank you very much for the good work on our issue and all your time, patience and cooperation.

Raymond & Lauri, Bloomfield, MI

Dear Ms. O‘Daniel: I would like to thank you for speaking with me the other day. It was pleasant to speak with someone who was so well informed, professional, personable, understanding and down-to-earth. You represent your company, Herriman & Associates, Inc., very well! Please pass along my complements to Mr. Chaundy and Mr. Fecho. I would recommend you for a promotion and a raise.

John R., Canton, MI

Thank you so much for expediting the repair to the hole in my roof and repair of the ceiling drywall in the garage. The roof was quite a mess with wood that was rotted from leaking rain, snow and ice melt over the past 20 years. Your people were wonderful in their demeanor, expertise and skill. Any consideration you may give to replacing the roof soon would be appreciated. Thank you again for your excellent response.

George, Northville, MI

I wanted to let you know how great the maintenance guys are. They always do a good job, always are polite and business like drive slowly through the Association, stop at all stop signs and waive when they drive by.

Mr. Glazier, Northville, MI

I submitted a maintenance request because of a leak in my garage. I was very impressed with the response to my request. It was very prompt and most of all the work was done very professionally. The two H&A staff were on time and did a wonderful job on the ceiling. They also did a very good job cleaning up when completed. I feel that they should be complimented on the way they did the entire job. Please pass this on to their supervisor to let him know that I am very satisfied with the work that was done.

Diane, Northville, MI

Thank you very much, I know that this situation is an unusual one given the circumstances, but I really appreciate your communication with me and your help in resolving the balcony issues. I have always heard what a great firm Dan Herriman runs, I can honestly see that for myself just having to communicate through you for this project.

Kim – CMCA, Competitor

Thank you for the expeditious manner in which the pot holes were filled. The holes were filled within one day of the request. Great job!

George, Northville, MI

Dear Mr. Herriman: I just wanted to commend one of your office staff for her wonderful customer service and friendly demeanor.

I have spoken to her in the past and also on Friday the 28th. She is always helpful and attentive. Having worked in sales and now as an RN, I know the importance of a “helping” attitude and the value of a wonderful staff. Please commend the CAM Assistant on her efforts.

Alicia, Northville, MI

Notice to Mr. Herriman – You have excellent service always! Thank you for all you do and for being so very kind and helpful.

Julia, Plymouth Township, MI

The response to my request is making dizzy. Early this morning, I hear someone hammering and come to find your maintenance staff already working on the rotted wood. Then the mail arrives and included in the mail was a form answering my request (one day later) as the repair is underway! Sure can’t beat one day service! – I’m truly impressed. The work is done and I thank you for the rapid response.

Bob, Northville, MI


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