This form is for lending, title or real estate company use.

A Status Letter is required by the title or closing company, prior to a real estate closing. This letter includes:

  • Amount and due date of the assessment for the unit
  • Current status of the account
  • Any special or additional assessments, late fees, or other amounts owing
  • Other information required by purchasers, title or mortgage company

Two (2) business days are required to provide the information requested.

Previously established Automatic Withdraw (ACH) of regular assessment payments from the seller's bank account will be canceled as of the date of submission of the Status Letter to the Title Company.

Requested By:
Email Address:
Association Name:
Unit Number:
Unit Address:
Selling Price $:
Scheduled Closing Date:
Name of Seller:
Seller Phone:
Seller email:
Seller's Realty Company:
Name of Realtor:
Realtor's Phone:
Name of Purchaser:
Purchaser's Realty Company:
Name of Realtor:
Realtor's Phone:
Company Requesting Information:
Contact Name:
Contact Phone:
Contact FAX Number:
Contact Email Address:
Date Needed:
Your request will be processed within 2 days and a $75.00 (effective 10/1/15) administrative fee, payable to Herriman & Associates, Inc., will be due at the time of closing.  (**If the request is to be processed within 24 hours the administrative fee will be increased to $100.00)
Please print a copy of this form for your records before clicking "Submit" button.



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