Cherry Hill Village I - Amendment Voting Documents Click on the link to access the Cherry Hill Village I Amendment voting package.
Payment Information Review payment options or obtain payment mailing address.
The following forms may be completed and submitted online.
Customer Satisfaction Survey Send us your feedback on the quality and professionalism of Herriman & Associates, Inc.
Maintenance Request Submit a maintenance request for work needed that is the responsibility of the Association.
Maintenance Satisfaction Survey Send us your feedback on the work that was requested and performed at your home/condominium unit.
Owner Information Update Use this form to change your mailing address, provide new phone numbers, emergency contacts, leasing information, etc.
Modification Request Submit this form before you make any alterations or additions to your home/condominium unit.
Condo Questionnaire Buying or refinancing your home? Lenders or realtors often require this form before your loan is approved. You can view or print a sample questionnaire before you submit your request.
Status Letter Selling your home? Ask your closing company to submit this form prior to the closing. The Status Letter is a statement of paid dues, assessments and other disclosures.
The following forms must be printed as they require owner signatures..
Automatic Payment (ACH Debit) Use this form when you want to authorize automatic monthly deductions from your bank account for regular assessments. Or, if you already use this service, but now want the deductions taken from another financial institution, please complete a new form.
Designated Voting Representative Each home/condominium unit must select one owner to vote on behalf of their home/unit. Use this form when you want to change the designated voter for your home/condominium unit.


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