This form is for lenders, realtors or title company use.

A Condo Questionnaire may be required by a lender, realtor or title company, prior to a loan approval or real estate closing. This questionnaire includes:

  • Information regarding the condominium project
  • Information regarding ownership
  • General information about association assessments
  • Other information required by lenders or realtors
  • Click here to view a sample questionnaire

Two (2) business days are required to provide the information requested.

Requested By:
Email Address:
Association Name:
Unit Number:
Unit Address:
Check here for a standard questionnaire ($45.00 as of 10/1/15)
Check here for a current financial report (no charge with the questionnaire)
Company Requesting Information:
Company Address:
City, State & Zip:
Contact Phone:
Contact FAX Number:
Date Needed:


An administrative fee, payable to Herriman & Associates, Inc., will be due.

Standard Questionnaire - $45.00 (as of 10/1/15)
Special or Specific Questionnaire - $95.00 (as of 10/1/15) to complete your special or specific form. Please fax your form to 734-459-0690. An additional day will be required to complete your form.

Please print a copy of this form for your records prior to clicking "Submit" button.

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