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Herriman & Associates

What people are saying

Mr Herriman: Let me share what a joy it’s been to be a Director the past two years with Helene’s presence to guide all of us. I particularly appreciated her help getting the duties of the Secretary clarified. Helene’s patience and perseverance when Directors repeatedly verify information, pose questions, or have difficulty with decision-making have been admirable! Her professionalism at all times as well as her expertise are a huge asset to our Association. I have benefitted by her knowledge and now understand far better the workings of our Association.

In addition, with her help, we are functioning in accord with our condo documents and have benefitted in myriad ways. We are clear on what our co-owner responsibility is, which is fundamental to “condo life”. It is a blessing to have a true manager working for our Association, which has resulted in the Directors’ jobs becoming far easier and less time-consuming.

My feeling is that hiring your firm was the best decision we’ve ever made. Thank you for providing excellent service to us!

M.H., Secretary, Canton, MI | View All