Request for Modification Approval

The co-owner must obtain all appropriate permits and arrange any necessary inspections by local government’s building and/or other appropriate officials or departments. If the work involves excavation, the co-owner must arrange to have underground utilities identified by “Miss Dig” by making such arrangements himself/herself and irrigation system components are to be identified by the Association’s contractor, to the extent that they can reasonably be located (the co-owner must contact the Association’s management firm who will make such arrangements with the irrigation contractor). All such costs, as well as any and all costs to repair damages, as well as all consequential damages, shall be born by the co-owner.

No modification shall commence without prior Board approval. An inspection of the completed modification shall be conducted by the Board of Directors to ensure compliance with all appropriate Xx Association restrictions and with reasonable standards of quality and aesthetics.

All maintenance, repairs and/or replacement of modification become the responsibility of the co-owner and subsequent co-owner(s).

The Association may require the co-owner to enter into a related separate agreement that details the co-owner’s current and future responsibilities in connection with an approved modification.

    Please fill out the below contact form, and an associate will reach out to you to provide your Association's specific modification request form and any other relevant information.