Are you and your family prepared for an emergency? Identifying the various emergencies and getting an action plan for each takes only a few simple steps. Here is some information prepared by the Country Place Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Emergency Response Plan – Section 1
Emergency Response Place – Section 2
Pet Evacuation
Utility Shutoffs

Resident Handbook 2012
Policy – A & G Duties and Responsibilities
Policy – Cable Television & Broad Band Cable Access Installation
Policy – Charging Co-owners for Services
Policy – Clubhouse Reservation Agreement for Casual and Instructional Activities
Policy – Collection of Delinquent Accounts
Policy – Collections Actions Timetable
Policy – Committee Appointments
Policy – Committees Guidelines
Policy – Delinquent Co-Owner Restrictions
Policy – Emergency Preparedness Activation Plan
Policy – Ethics
Policy – Extended Payment Terms
Policy – Fireworks
Policy – Garage Door
Policy – Modifications to Common Elements
Policy – Newsletter
Policy – Newsletter – Advertising Disclaimer and Authorization to Publish
Policy – Newsletter – Newsletter Production Schedule, Advertising, Rates, Editorial
Policy – Nonprofit Corporation Action – Things Electronic
Policy – No Smoking
Policy – Organizational Chart
Policy – Painting of Storm Doors
Policy – Patios: Substitute Patio Materials
Policy – Purchasing and Expenses
Policy – Rights and Responsibilities
Policy – Spa Installation
Policy – Sump Pump
Policy – Towing Procedure
Policy – Tree Removal
Policy – Vendor Certification Program
Policy – Violations & Fines
Policy – Website Privacy