Company Directory

Daniel A. Herriman CMCA, President & CEO
Helene Haratsaris Community Association Manager – CMCA, AMS
Mark Heppner Community Association Manager
Matt Lenart Community Association Manager
Tiffany Snadon Community Association Manager
Nicole Tetreau CAM Assistant
Janee Fairweather CAM Assistant
Lachlan Hanrahan CAM Assistant
Tim Nyquist CAM Assistant
Jessica Posey CAM Assistant
Tracy Leake CAM Assistant
Mary Ann Prchlik CMCA, Director of Accounting Services
Meg Herriman Accounting Coordinator
Lisa Carter Accounts Payable
Aileen Bertoli Accounts Receivable
Sarah House Accounts Receivable
Kathy McDougall Accounts Payable


Kevin Pope Director of Maintenance Services
Tonya Pietruszka Maintenance Coordinator
Megan McDougall Maintenance Coordinator
Mike Herriman Team Leader
Carl Campbell
Joshua Minard
Rob King
Jakub Pope
Mark Richardson


On-Site Administration
Tom Fletcher Community Site Manager
Jeff McDuff Community Site Manager
Terry Foster Community Site Manager
Community Site Manager


Sarah Toccalino Director of Operations
Daniel A. Herriman President & CEO